Storm Parallax Bowling Ball Reaction Video Ball Review {vs} AstroPhysix

Get the performance you seek with the style you crave… Meet the Parallax by Storm.

Published on September 1 2020 by videoballreviews



The newly formulated TractionX7 hybrid reactive coverstock makes it’s debut on the Parallax. By combining features from seven of Storm’s most popular coverstocks, this new TractionX7 was created with more texture, more porosity and more motility than any Storm ball has seen to this date. Finished at 1500 grit and polished, this is versatility at it’s finest.

Inside, the Aeroflo asymmetric core boasts a higher RG than most asymmetric balls, all thanks to the ellipsed hole in the core filled with lighter core material. The flip block at the bottom will ensure a high differential. Both of these unique features combined will provide a truer roll for bowlers alike.


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