Storm Hy-Road X Bowling Ball Reaction Video Ball Review {vs} Hy-Road Nano

“X" marks the spot with the Storm Hy-Road X!

Published on October 29th 2018 by videoballreviews



2018 marks the tenth year that the classic and ever-popular Hy-Road was released. What better way to celebrate the success than with the new Hy-Road X!

Featuring a slightly more aggressive R2X Solid Reactive coverstock finished at 1500-grit polish, you can expect versatility & a powerful smoothness on the lanes that makes it a “go-to" for any bowler. Hidden beneath the “X", you will find the Inverted Fe² Technology weight block, as featured in the original Hy-Road. Great control and power will come to those that choose to add this piece of history to their arsenal.


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