Storm Soniq Bowling Ball Reaction Video Ball Review vs Storm Hy-Road

Get ready to go loud with the Storm Soniq bowling ball!

Published on March 6th 2018 by videoballreviews



Tracing its roots back to the Storm IQ series which has been a staple of the Master line, the Soniq brings a new ball motion to such a classic and iconic line with a higher differential Centripetal HD Core. This new core iteration brings more flare to the IQ line, sending shockwaves through your opponent’s resolve.

Storm brings back the classic R2S Pearl Reactive coverstock with a delightful Blue/Bronze/Gold coloration paired beautifully with the fragrance of Gingerbread S’mores. Don’t let this comforting fragrance fool you, the 1500-grit polished cover allows this ball to skid easily through the heads to make its angular dash down-lane.


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