Storm Intense Bowling Ball Reaction Video Ball Review vs Storm Code Red

Bring out the blistering speed and destructive force of the Storm Intense!

Published on November 21st 2017 by videoballreviews



The Storm Intense builds on the Premier Line from Storm with a new take on the Radial Accelerating Disk (RAD) technology, and increased the potential energy released on the pins with the all-new RAD-E core. This high flaring asymmetric core stores energy unlike any other core out there, allowing for a pin-shattering move and action on the deck.

Enclosed in the R3S Pearl Reactive polished to a 1500-Grit Polished finish, the Intense easily skids through the heads and gives an unparalleled angular motion on medium-heavy oil. Combined with the Black/Green/White coloration with Moroccan Mint fragrance, this ball smells, looks and performs amazingly.


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