Roto Grip No Rules Bowling Ball Reaction Video Ball Review vs Roto Grip Eternal Cell

Break the Status Quo with the Roto Grip No Rules.

Published on September 8th, 2016 by videoballreviews



Featuring the new Chaotic Core, the No Rules boasts a medium RG with a High Differential/Mass Bias Differential that reads the midlane with an angular motion. This earlier read makes it a great ball for fresh, dense oil but still maintains the versatility to play later into the game.

Surrounded by the Micro DNA Solid Reactive coverstock sanded to a 2000-grit finish, this ball rips into the oil for an unrelenting motion on heavy oil. The Neon Green/Neon Orange/Black coverstock gives a clear message of who owns these lanes, and that this competition is anything but friendly.


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