Storm IQ Tour 30 Bowling Ball Reaction Video Ball Review vs Sky Rocket

Celebrate 30 Years of Bowling with Storm’s IQ Tour 30!

Published on January 21st, 2016 by videoballreviews



The C3 Centripetal Control Core has been featured on dozens of Storm balls, making it a hallmark of the Master Line itself. The medium-RG, medium differential features make it an absolute staple for difficult lane conditions.

Wrapped around the R2S Pearl reactive resin coverstock that is featured on balls like the Hy-Road Pearl, IQ Tour Pearl, and many other balls that have made their way into the bags of Storm Bowlers everywhere, the IQ Tour 30 will be a welcome addition to any bag. The Black Pearl coloration finished to a 1500-grit polish will allow it to go through the heads easily and bring back the “Gold Ball" motion that thousands have appreciated from the PBA lanes to house patterns alike.


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