Roto Grip Eternal Cell Bowling Ball Reaction Video Ball Review vs Menace

Greatness is everlasting. Success is forever. Continue the tradition with the Roto Grip Eternal Cell bowling ball.

Published on January 21st, 2016 by videoballreviews



As with all of the previous Cell releases, the Eternal Cell features the greatest core in Roto Grip history, the Nucleus asymmetric core. This core is known for providing a unique reaction from an asymmetric in that it is extremely easy to read but still providing a great backend reaction expected from an asymmetric.

The new 72M coverstock was created just for this ball in order to provide maximum control. Going with a milder coverstock allows this to happen. With its 1500 grit polished finish, this is the first polished solid on an asymmetric ball from Roto Grip in quite some time.


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