Storm Rocket Bowling Ball Reaction Video Ball Review vs Optimus and IQ Tour Fusion

Using the R2S Hybrid made famous on the Hy-Road with an all-new Booster Core, the Storm Rocket is ready for Liftoff in the Thunder Line!

Published on March 23rd, 2015 by videoballreviews



The R2S Hybrid coverstock is a crowd-pleaser. It’s been in the Thunder line for over half a decade because it’s tried and true. It reads the midlane on medium oil conditions so consistently that it’s been a staple for when you need a sure bet to get you down-lane to great scores. It’s back, but this time with an Orange/Black Pearl coloration finished with 1500-grit polish for added length.

The heart of this rocket is the all-new Booster Core, which features a medium-RG and medium RG Differential, which means this ball will read the midlane and make a fantastic move on the backend that’s neither exaggerated nor understated. It’s what the Thunder Line is known for – and this ball will deliver.

The Storm Rocket is ready for takeoff.


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