Storm Crux Pearl Bowling Ball Reaction Video Ball Review vs Crux & Optimus

The innovatively engineered Catalyst Core is back — this time in the Crux Pearl, the newest addition to Storm’s Premier Line.

Published on March 6th, 2015 by videoballreviews



The Catalyst Core is designed in shape for consistency – even when your release isn’t. It’s a medium-RG/High Differential core made from the ground-up to deliver a consistent motion on the lane not possible with more conventional core shapes (this is due to the divot that is perpendicular that minimizes the amount of core that can be removed during the drilling process).

Combine this with the ERG Pearl Reactive (featured on the Byte and Lucid, both widely-acclaimed balls in the Premier line) that delivers more length but still grabs on the backend for a devastatingly angular pin action. Finish this to a 1500-grit polished surface, this black/white/copper monster will give you that “snap" when the lanes break down, all with the crisp scent of Root Beer.

The Pinnacle of your game is at the Crux.


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