Storm Hy-Road Solid vs Optimus and Hy-Road Bowling Ball Reaction Video Ball Review

The Thunder Line has a new addition – The Hy-Road Solid!

Published on June 23, 2014 by videoballreviews



One of the greatest balls on earth just got stronger… the Storm Hy-Road Solid!
With major victories ranging from the PBA tour to international championships, the Hy-Road has won the world over. In fact, the original Hy-Road celebrated its fifth anniversary late last year and is still going strong!
Bowlers love the shape of this weight block; the proof is evident in the overwhelming demand from touring professionals to recreational players alike! And while the original Hy-Road is often a great choice for a wide variety of players on different lane conditions, at times we all need a little more hook and motion out of our arsenals.
That’s why Storm is introducing the new Hy-Road Solid. You will get that same cherished motion as the original version but with more traction in the midlane, just what you need when bowling on heavier oil conditions.

As you might recall, the number one factor of ball motion is coverstock. So, to expand our Thunder Line with the same great characteristics of the famed Road series, we called upon the proven R2S solid reactive shell for its uncompromised performance.
They even prepared this aggressive shell with a 2000-pad to really give it some teeth to dig deep into the heavy oil. Why did they do this? Because they know how frustrating heavy oil can be.
And don’t sweat having to decide how to drill your new Hy-Road Solid. You can use your favorite layout with confidence (or let Storm’s Vector Layout System find the right one for your style of play) as the dynamic Inverted Fe Technology weight block is one of the finest. Part of what makes this special is the thicker shell which transfers more energy to the pins at impact. More energy means more strikes, and more strikes leads to higher scores and bigger trophies!

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