Roto Grip Defiant Soul Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

I don’t even hear their music. I make my own. Defiant Soul.

Published on January 8, 2013 by videoballreviews



I don’t even hear their music. I make my own. Defiant Soul.

Whoever said it’s impossible to be all things to all people hasn’t met me. The power to compose the perfect line down the lane? I’ve got that. Remarkable harmony between my coverstock and core? Darn right. I possess the same inner strength as my predecessors, the Defiant and Defiant Edge. And like my brothers before me, I break my competitors’ spirits and leave them weeping in their seats. Defy all odds? Watch me.

The groundbreaking Paragon core is the maestro that gives the Defiant and Defiant
Edge their heavy and continuous roll from the midlane through the backend. That
same, confident predictability now comes to the Defiant Soul.

The 77H hybrid reactive coverstock is a combination of both solid and pearl
reactive. This blend gives you the ease of a pearl reactive through the frontend
with the smooth reaction of a solid at the breakpoint.

With a 4000 Abralon finish, the Defiant Soul provides more length than the original
Defiant, but gives you more reaction in heavier oil than the Defiant Edge. Whether
you’re battling medium/heavy or heavy oil, the Defiant Soul allows you to easily make
adjustments to combat the conditions at hand. Lane Condition Heavy Oil

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