AMF 300 Green Mamba Bowling Ball Reaction Video Ball Review

Things just got deadlier for your competition. The new AMF 300 Green Mamba will squeeze the life out of the pins until they fall over dead.

Published on August 20, 2012 by videoballreviews



Introducing the Green Mamba from AMF 300.  The Green Mamba features the asymmetric SRC core with an eye catching solid F74 Cover.  This combination creates a ball that will cut through the heaviest of oils with a strong backend move.

The Shred It is a previous high-end release from AMF 300.  The Shred It featured an F74 Hybrid Cover with a symmetric core.  You can see the Shred It is slightly weaker overall.

Our second tester really gave a strong backend reaction.  He was able to get in, send it right and watch it fly in the backend.

The original Black Mamba is a great compliment to the Green Mamba.  The Black Mamba is smoother overall with slightly less hook potential giving you a great 1-2 punch on all medium to heavy volume oil patterns.

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