900 Global The Look Ball Reaction Video Review

You’ll be getting glances and stares from all of your opponents when you’ve got The Look!

Published on August 20, 2012 by videoballreviews



Introducing The Look from 900 Global.  The Look features an eye catching S75 Hybrid Cover with the popular soaker additive.  This combination gives you good length through the front part of the lane, with an aggressive back-end motion on a wide variety of patterns.

The Black Eagle core and cover combo has been a staple in the 900 global line up for years.  The Black Eagle picks up earlier on the lane and has a higher overall hook potential.  The Look is a great compliment to the black eagle giving you more length and a stronger back-end reaction.

Our second tester saw a similar reaction but was deeper on the lane thanks to his higher rev rate.

The train features a more aggressive core and cover more suited to medium to heavy volume patterns.  When your train starts to read the lane too early The Look will be a great transition piece that will push easily though the front part of the lane.

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