900 Global – Freight Train

The new Freight Train from 900 Global—this train makes no stops!

Published on July 25, 2012 by videoballreviews



Designed for heavy oil, an energy block has been added to the combustion core. In addition, the shell strength was increased from the original Train to a new lane grabbing S77 and finished with our NEAT (1,500 grit) finish. This Train Makes No Stops and is sure to come around the corner on the slickest of lane conditions.

“NEAT” is a new Natural Engineered Abrasive Technology that offers both enhanced aesthetics and surface topography on the bowling ball. As opposed to conventional abrasives on the market, “NEAT” has a multi-layer
uniformed placement of abrasive structures that allows for superior surface area contact, which yields a more consistent surface across the entire bowling ball.

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