Brunswick C (System) maxxed-out – Review by VideoBallReviews

Brunswick C.(System) maxxed-out – The Chemistry’s Amazing.

Published on July 19, 2012 by videoballreviews




CFT maxxed-out Solid is our latest innovation in Chemical Friction Technology. The CFT maxxed-out solid coverstock maximizes the friction additives to strengthen its grip in the mid-lane and backend for maximum control. The CFT maxxed-out solid coverstock still provides enhanced projection down the lane saving axis rotation for more energy on the backend and through the pins.


The new Ultra Low Dual Flip I ??" Block symmetrical core incorporates a top and bottom flip block over a centered mass. The centered mass creates stability while the dual flip blocks keep the core revving to the backend all the way through the pins for improved pin action.


With its 4000 grit Siaair Micro Pad finish, the C (System) maxxed-out skids easily through the front, saving axis rotation for the backend with a strong continuous breakpoint. The C (System) maxxed-out is best used on fresh and wet/dry lane conditions where control is needed on medium-oily to oily lane patterns.


The C (System) maxxed-out can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for symmetric bowling balls.


The unique core shape of each individual ball is used for weights from 14 to 16 pounds. This approach to lightweight ball engineering provides bowlers with consistent ball reaction characteristics across this weight range. At 12 and 13 pounds, Brunswick uses a generic core shape with a RG-differential that is close enough to the 14 to 16 pound shape so the same drilling instructions can be used.
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