Storm Fire Road – Review by VideoBallReviews

Following in the footsteps of such great balls as the Hy-Road, T-Road Solid, Fired Up, Black Thunder and Fire Storm, the Fire Road is sure to scorch the competition!


Published on Jun 28, 2012 by videoballreviews



Looking at the core, Storm powers the Fire Road with the proven Inverted Fe3 Technology weight block first introduced in the Victory Road. This particular shape is extremely driller and bowler friendly; you would be hard pressed to find anyone who does not like the look and the hook of this shape! The advancements made in Fe3 allowed Storm to utilize a larger mass to increase the dynamics, upping the differential approximately 15%.

But ball reaction is the product of both core and coverstock. And while the Victory Roads and Crossroad all utilize the proven R2S coverstock, Storm is stepping it up a notch and encasing the weight block with an R2X blend that has previously been reserved for the biggest hitters like the Virtual Gravity. With a smoothly polished 1500-grit finish and pearl blend, the new Fire Road is sure to fire up the pins and the pocket.

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