Roto Grip Bandit – Sport Shot – Review by VideoBallReviews

The new bad boy in town will help you steal all of your competitor’s cash and not feel bad about it one bit! The soon to be infamous Roto Grip Bandit Bowling Ball!


Published on Jul 8, 2011 by videoballreviews



The Roto Grip Bandit showcases a dependable weight block shape and powerful coverstock. The Caliber weight block shape of the Bandit maximizes pin action, accomplished through increased energy transfer of about 12% when compared to traditional cores, and works for both rev dominant and speed dominant players. The Inception coverstock has a surface topography that showed Ra values up nearly 10% from previous blends. The Bandit handles a variety of conditions ranging from a typical house shot to tough tournament action. the Bandit provides a “long and strong" reaction.

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