Storm Virtual Gravity Nano – House Shot – Review by VideoBallReviews

The Storm Virtual Gravity was one of the most successful and best selling balls of all time, Storm just made it better. More aggressive. More strikes. The Storm Virtual Gravity NANO!


Published on Mar 1, 2011 by videoballreviews



As the original Virtual Gravity quickly became Storm’s all-time best seller, the new Nano is sure to follow in its footsteps…and yes, those are big shoes to fill! Looking at the original Virtual Gravity, the Shape-Lock HD weight block/core system produced a fast-revving action that especially helped bowlers looking for a stronger change of direction usually privy to only those with big rev rates! The Shape-Lock HD motor will continue to power the Nano as well. A breakthrough in coverstock technology rarely happens due to the complex nature of chemistry and polymer science. But Storm’s research and development team is committed to maintaining the “pole position" in bowling innovation, so it’s no surprise that they are changing the game yet again with the new NRG cover.

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